My name is O'Neil Oliver. I am West Midlands-based Barbadian photographer, experienced in shooting still images and video for weddings, funerals, commercial/advertising, news and stock images.

My photography career started in national newspapers in Barbados where I spent 10 years as a freelance photographer for a leading national newspaper covering everything from crime to ceremonies.

I later moved into Public Relations with the lens switching to capture commercial, business, and leisure activities in addition to the colour-rich, wind-swept natural beauty landscapes of Barbados - known as the Gem of the Caribbean Sea and the vivacious and dynamic moods of its people.

My talents from the lazy Caribbean have been transferred to the landscapes of the UK, its people and Caribbean Diaspora living here capturing their moments and memories.

I've produce photography for weddings, funerals, personal portraits, bespoke stocks for advertisers and commercial photography for companies in the hospitality, media and advertising sectors.